March 27, 2018

Everyone talks a big game about mental health support and awareness... but the truth is, I don't think most people practice what they preach. Unsatisfactory mental health comes in many colors, from the pale and subtle to the most vibrant shades. It's important that all of them are equally represented.

January 30, 2018

Trigger Warning: Assault --- I'll be blunt, yesterday sucked. That basically led to me having an all day migraine, but I'm an adult and I had shit to do, so I proceeded with my day as normal. However, life decided that it had one more curveball to throw at me. It wasn't the worst curveball that could have taken place, but slightly uncomfortable nonetheless. I could've let it be a bother, but in the sheer spirit of "screw it" - I decided to have some fun with it instead.

January 4, 2018

GENRE: POP - It's never easy to admit to being the "other woman" - but MB Padfield manages to do so with grace, vigor, clever rhymes and brutal honesty in her new stripped down version of her original song, "Thunderbird."

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