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I Am A Plant. {Poem}

I am a plant.

I simply can't survive

Without water, nutrients,

Proper care and sunlight

With a bare minimum

I know I could get by

But surely could never thrive.

It seems foolish to be satisfied

With a lonely plateau

Dragging through the snow

Potential begging to be shown

Tied to an infinite low

Falling on my knees

My heart and spirit slow.

One day I'll be a skyscraper

High above the trees

With aircraft as my peers

And the clouds as my friends

Demolishing my fears

Before the daylight wanes

And my joyride quickly descends

Into a free fall instead.

Feeling powerful and at peace

The rain may be a bother

And the lightning may hurt

But how can I fear the thunder

With 40,000 feet

Between my wings and the dirt?

They say it takes a village

And as far as I can tell

I'm graced with astounding warriors

Willing to walk through Hell

Who I refuse to ask for help.

It's funny;

I'd never shame others for crying out

The way I shame myself.

But maybe if I swallow my pride

And hold just one hand in mine

I won't be alone on the front line

Broken clocks and shattered minds Spewing remnants of midnight

Lifeline on a deadline

Swallowing my battle cry

I can do better.

I won't cause a scene.

I'll simply stand

And slowly lift two fists in the air.


Nothing motivates me more

Than company who hold the door

And with a single hand to hold

They invest in my soul

Shield me from the cold

And encourage me to grow

I must accept their hospitality

Nourish in what they offer me

For I'll never find the power within

If I won't let the sunlight in.

Photos used with permission.

Poem (c) Amanda McCarthy 2018

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