Folk Song (original)
Acoustic - WKLB 102.5 (Boston, MA)
Angel (Aerosmith)
Acoustic - Live for Steven Tyler (NH)
Something More (Sugarland)
Acoustic - The Brickhouse (Georgia)
Haunt Me (original)
Acoustic - NH Magazine Feature
MIT College Show (Boston)
Trio - Originals + Covers
Can't You See (Marshall Tucker)
Band - w/ Joe Bayer (Utica, IL)
Secret Love (original)
Band - Steve Katsos Show (Boston)
Elephant in the Room / Somewhere in Syracuse (originals)
Trio - Mercury Lounge (NYC)
San Diego (original)
Band - Steve Katsos Show (Boston)
Woodstock Inn - NYE Reel (NH)
Band - Covers

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