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"On 'Normal,' Amanda McCarthy embraces the philosophy that life is a collection of experiences that doesn't have to happen in a prescribed order, beautifully singing, 'I'm writing my own fairytale, finding out what normal means to me.' By the end, she confidently declares, 'I've been breaking down the barriers since 1993,' the year when country music's Top 10 first included Martina McBride, who I am reminded of her with her compelling and entertaining storytelling."   -Warren Kurtz, Goldmine (NYC)

"Amanda never ceases to amaze us with her undeniable talent. Her music is raw, honest and vulnerable, and her new single 'Normal' reflects just that. Her music resonates with listeners, building an irrefutable bond with fans."  -Music City Melodies (Nashville)

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Most people don't exactly plan to drop out of college, become a parent before the age of 21, and move to a new city in the middle of a pandemic - but Amanda McCarthy has always been pretty good at tackling the unexpected head on.

In a situation where most would have given up and settled for a traditional 9-5, she has gone on to make a full time living out of her music, averaging 300 shows a year (solo and with her full band) on every kind of stage you can imagine - starting out with cover gigs in smokey bar corners and coffee shops, to opening for national headliners, winning awards with her original music, and playing iconic venues across the country like The Listening Room, Live Oak, 3rd and Lindsley (Nashville), The Bitter End, Mercury Lounge, Piano's (NYC), Hard Rock Cafe locations in Boston and Connecticut, and hundreds more.

After developing the first ten years of her career in her home base of New England, she credits coming face to face with Steven Tyler in a local bar and singing an Aerosmith song for him as the catalyst that convinced her it was time to move to Nashville. "I knew that if I could get through that, I have the nerve to do almost anything", she recalls. Less than a year after relocating, she'd already quit her short-term "day job" and had successfully made music her full time career in Music City.

Writing songs both for her own artistry and for other artists' projects, McCarthy was described by one of her earliest mentors as "a storyteller compelled to speak the truth" and she has held that promise true ever since. Blending the pop/rock spirit of Michelle Branch with the country-but-not-COUNTRY cadence of Kacey Musgraves, her debut full-length album "Road Trip" was released in 2019 to high acclaim. She has released four new singles since relocating to Nashville.

The current single, "Normal", expresses her happiness in living an atypical life on her own terms, and she hopes to shine light on the often under-represented group of young parents pursuing the music industry.

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"An emotive and dynamic soundscape circles McCarthy's image-driven and empowering lyrics perfectly."   -Buzz Music LA

"Easygoing storytelling that left us wanting more. This is a hit, right out of the box."   -SongDoor (Nashville)

"Amanda's approach is refreshingly real. She says what she wants to say, poetically, and makes the music she feels in her heart. The result is well crafted, honest and captivating art."   -Carolyn Kruse, WKLB 102.5 (Boston)

"Well-crafted illustrations that paint pictures and tell stories of someone in complete control of her art... original songs that were simultaneously haunting, memorable, and packed with irresistible hooks."   -Bill Burke, NH Magazine


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